Looking for an equilibrium

Geymann has mainly chosen to create human and animal shapes which are expressed by pure volumes glorified by a polished and smooth surface.

This way to apprehend figures and matter by the clearness of lines and edges, eliminates any incidental attribute and lead us naturally towards the main thing.

Sculpture is a fondamental act by which the man expresses his control of the world. Here each thing, each animal, each human being is depicted, cleared of his gangue, summarized to its essence.

 For Geymann, the real is only an allusive reference. He develops the shape he has memorized in planes, sharps edges, developments, springs, slippery surfaces, giving it strength and movement by his creative energy.

The women’figures, filled with an extraordinary living strength, seem alternately to dance, to offer themselves or to coil themselves harmoniously inside an imaginary egg.

In this sculptor the light which strokes the undalating curves or strikes the sharp edges, is an integral part of his work. There is no border between the matter and the immaterial, between the shape and the mind.

 The animals he sculpts, he accentuates the shapes and the volumes emphasizing the lines and the physical details as well as the psychological ones of the fowls or quadrupeds.

 By eliminating all detail, Geymann leads us to realize how important is the look of the shape in the attitude, looking for an equilibrium which is quite often situated inside ourselves, in our eyes as in our deepest soul.

Historian of art
Paris 2003

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