Geymann biography

Geymann is a French sculptor who was born in Belfort in 1951. He obtained a master’s in Fine Arts from “La Sorbonne” in 1975. Besides his university studies, he was often in the sculpture studios of the National  Fine Arts School in Paris and particularly in Etienne Martin, César and Chauvenet’s studios until 1979.

It is around the representation of the human being and animals that his main part of his work is linked. Follower of smooth surfaces, he belongs to the tradition of the “organic” or “vitalist” sculptors. The works he realizes in bronze, pewter, stone, wood and polymarble are characterised by their synthetism and the purity ot their lines.

The nice organisation of the curves and the edges gives his sculptures hieratism or sensuality. Some times close to the limits of the abstraction, he works the subjects he cherishes in search of expressive fullness of the simple volumes and the greatness which integrate them to a natural or urban site.

His works, much appreciated for the purity of their lines, appear in many french and foreign public or private collections.

Member of many associations and societies of artists in France and abroad, Geymann is, in particular, in charge of the French section of the International Association of the Artists of Burg Strechau in Austria and he is member of the jury of the Circle of Artists in Paris.

  • Chevalier of the decoration for services to education in France.
  • Gold medal of Merit
  • Vermeil medal of "Arts-Sciences-Literature"
• Any proposal for any kind of sponsorship from the private or the public economy will be warmly welcomed and taken in account, 
• In France, for instance, accessibility to the 1% investment dedicated to the embellishment of public buidings,
• Monumental sculptures for a special place or event,
• Business activities or business related event dedicated and unique sculptures,
• Symbolic sculptures,
• Medal, tags, badges, trophies, jewellery.
• Studies in 3-D sculptures starting from a 2-D design, unique and limited pieces of sculpture in precious or not metal, concrete and more.
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