Edition & sales

Information about the production
of the works and the orders.

1. The original production of the sculptures (tin, bronze, polymarble, resin polyester) is printed in limited edition, 12 copies. 8 are numbered from 1/8 to 8/8 and 4 are numbered from EA I/IV to EA IV/IV (EA meaning Artist’s Work).

 2. Each work is signed with the name of the artist and dated of the year of its creation. The name of the caster and the year of the cast are written on the works in bronze.

 3. All the works in tin, polymarble and polystone, resin polyester and wood appearing in the pages can be made in bronze in the sizes mentioned next to the title of the work. In that case the works must be paid 50 per cent with the order, 50 per cent on delivery. You will have to allow 2 months between the order and the delivery for a work in bronze.

 4.  All the works in tin, bronze, polystone, polymarble, resin polyester and wood appearing in the pages can be enlarged or reduced in the same materials or other ones (stone, marble, other materials). In that case, you will have to contact the artist in order to obtain an estimate and the delivery time.

 5. The prices in the catalogue do not include handling & shipping which which will be calculated with individually according to the piece and of its destination (Europe, America, Asia...).

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